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Fancy Undersleeves Fancy Undersleeves

Cotton undersleeves available in an assortment of colors and can be decorated with lace or ribbon trim. Call for availability.

: $26.95
Underpetticoat Underpetticoat

This underpetticoat has a drawstring waist and lace bottom. It is made of 100% cotton and one size fits all.

: $34.95
Pantaloons Pantaloons

Cotton open crotch, button closer.
Small 24-28
Medium 28-30
Large 32-34
X Large 36-38
Queen 40-42
X Queen 44-48

: $38.95
Chemise Chemise

The chemise has an adjustable neckline for a day dress or ballgown. Ribbon can be added as a neck adjustment upon your request and with no extra charge. It is made of 100% cotton. Sizes available are Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, Queen, and X-Queen.

: $38.95
4-Bone Cotton Ruffled Hoop 4-Bone Cotton Ruffled Hoop

4 bone cotton draw string ruffled hoop. For smaller waist lines.

: $95.95
4-Bone Ruffled Cotton Hoop XL 4-Bone Ruffled Cotton Hoop XL

4 bone draw string cotton ruffled hoop extra-large. For waist sizes above 36"

: $98.95
6 Bone Ruffled Cotton Hoop 6 Bone Ruffled Cotton Hoop

6 bone tiered cotton draw string hoop. For smaller waist sizes.

: $104.95
6 Bone Ruffled Cotton Hoop XL 6 Bone Ruffled Cotton Hoop XL

6 bone tiered ruffled draw string cotton hoop Extra Large. For waist sizes over 36"

: $109.95
Corded Petticoat Corded Petticoat

Made of hemp muslin with rows of roping to hold your work skirt out.

Starting in the 1820s and through to the 1860s, this was a critical undergarment that was required in order to get the "proper" bell-shape to you skirt. It came into fashion right after the Regency era when the waist line was slowly dropping and before the American Civil War when hoop skirts were commonly used.

: $125.00
1860's Corset 1860's Corset

One piece busk made with 100% cotton and metal grommets. When ordering include bust measurement and natural waist size.

: $149.00