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Sheer Printed Wraps Pashmina Pasley Wrap Pashmina Paisley Border Wrap
Sheer printed wraps, 27"x 74", Available in Brown and tan or Grey and silver 100% pashmina, 27" x 70", Available in Black,Fuchsia, Purple, Grey, Tan, Blue/Green, Blue, Brown, Multi color 100% Pashmina, Paisley border, 27" x 70", Avaiable in Green, Pink, Teal, Brown, Blue
Fancy Paisley Pashmina Wraps Solid Paisley Embossed Printed Pashmina Mini Lace Wrap
100% Pashmina, 27"x 70", Available in Brown, Burgundy, Copper, Dark Gray 100% Pashmina, 27"x 70",  solid colors with embossed paisley print, Available in Navy and Pink Small lace wrap with lace edging. Available in an assortment of colors.
Sequin Wrap
Sequin Wrap
: $24.95
Straight backed sequin wrap with fringed edges. Available in gray, gold, plum, and cream.