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Linen Wraps
: $12.95
Linen wraps, 36"x 70", available in burgundy, gray or tan Sheer printed wraps, 27"x 74", Available in Brown and tan or Grey and silver Solid colored mini shawls made of cotton. Available in blue, pink, purple, white, ecru, and black.
100% pashmina, 27" x 70", Available in Black,Fuchsia, Purple, Grey, Tan, Blue/Green, Blue, Brown, Multi color 100% Pashmina, Paisley border, 27" x 70", Avaiable in Green, Pink, Teal, Brown, Blue 100% Pashmina, 27"x 70", Available in Brown, Burgundy, Copper, Dark Gray
!00% Pashmina, 27" x 70", Two-tone fades from one color to another. Colors Available Brown fades to Tan, Med. Green fades to Light Green, Navy fades to Med Blue, Purple fades to Lavender 100% Pashmina, 27"x 70",  solid colors with embossed paisley print, Available in Navy and Pink Small lace wrap with lace edging. Available in an assortment of colors.
Sequin Wrap
: $24.95
Straight backed sequin wrap with fringed edges. Available in gray, gold, plum, and cream. Solid embossed fringed shawls, 65"x 45"x 45", Available in black, white, burgundy and tan. Sheer floral embossed fringed shawl, 65"x 45"x 45", available in white, burgundy, gray and tan.